Chen Tian Xiang:

After three years of continuing study and strenuous effort during high school, I had entered the (Gawcow) examination room with a sense of assurance and confidence. Because of diligent academic preparation, I achieved a score of 740, providing me with a number 16 within Zhejiang Province. Although it may seem immodest, I knew I should have been admitted to Beijing University because I had worked hard. My three years of high school at No. 14 had their “ups” and their “downs” but more of the former than the latter. Maybe I was not the most intelligent individual, but I was always the most diligent student. I endured the storm. I was fortunate to meet and learn from a number of exceptional teachers and students at No. 14. With them, I learned to more clearly see the world and ourselves. Einstein said that the purpose of knowledge was to learn the forgotten schoolyard, and stimulate the “left brain.” During three years of high school , through unremitting efforts, I met the academic challenges before me and cultivated self-control and disciplined study habits I shall always remember and treasure my three years art No. 14 High School.

Principal Achievements: College Entrance 740, 16 provincial ranking
2008 National Physics Olympiad (Zhejiang Division) Prize
2007 National Physics Olympiad (Zhejiang Division) Third Prize

Chen Ru Feng:

I am very pleased. Of course, I was most gratified with my overall (Gacow) University Entrance Exam Score of 729 and an 87 science achievement of Zhejiang provincial ranking. More than this, I was elated to learn of my acceptance by Tsinghua University. The love and effort of my parents and teachers was vindicated. My three years at No. 14 were as substantial as they were exciting. I gained the trust of my instructors and fellow students serving as “squad leader” for three years. During my three years, I participated in numerous activities: among these were the games, the Fall Camp, concerts, and the Sailing Cup Competition. Of particular note is that No. 14 has the only school radio communityin Hangzhou , and I am also one of them, where we share the technology, and gain friendship. During the past three years, I gained some valuable honors: Excellent student level of Hangzhou, the provincial roll student ... ..

Now, as I leave my alma mater, I am grateful to it for three years training and experience. I wish the No. 14 well as it strives to provide these superior educational experiences to new classes of students.
Principal Achievements: College Entrance: 729, 87 science achievement ranking.

Zeng Chen:

At the same time, I feel connected to the beginning and the end of my No. 14 High School years. My University Entrance Examination of 717 ranked me as number 272 in Zhejiang Province. I also passed the entrance examination administered by Fudan University. During my three years at No. 14, I learned and achieved training in an exceptional educational environment. I earned second prize of the National Youth biology competition, second prize of National informatics competition, second prize of excellent innovative projects of the Provincial Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition , "Innovation Award" of Intel Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Contest and many other awards. The recognition I received at No. 14 encouraged me to work even harder. For me, the biggest change is to become strong and frankly, the biggest gain is to find a way forward. The preparation I received at No. 14 has enabled me to frankly face the world. I look forward to a future at the University, I will continue to adhere to No. 14’s Code of Conduct as I formulate.
Principal Achievements” College Entrance Examination Score: 717. 272 Zhejiang Provincial Ranking.