Hello everybody, I am Liu Yi. I am the class monitor of Senior III, Class 10 . I have been very happy to live in the class of this warm and harmonious family characterized by mutual caring and concern. I appreciate the genuineness of the warmth; in each teacher's dedication and care. I felt both relaxed and happy in the class organization and the process of planning various activities as I studied at No. 14. I also deeply appreciate the dedication for the collective welfare. I have very broad interests. I enjoy art, especially painting for which I have won many awards; I also enjoy music. Sports have also been one of my hobbies at No. 14 including track as well as all kinds of ball games. I found: Long-term movement of both physical fitness, you can also exercise one's will. Grasp the future in our own hands. In the future, I shall continue to work, systematically towards tomorrow, in Classe 10 in this vibrant growing mass, rising, to help teachers build better of her.