My name is Sung Hong, the squad leader from the Middle School (8) class. Luckily, I selected No. 14, and was chosen for the biology competition. During my three years at No. 14, I worked tirelessly and was dedicated to self-improvement and my studies. I especially enjoyed reading, writing, and participation in academic competitions. Somehow, I also found time to read some literature and history, practice erhu and Chinese calligraphy.

In my three years at No. 14, I have both gained and experienced a great deal. I shall never forget the counseling and encouragement of my teachers who quietly and consistently supported me regardless of my own shortcomings. I shall never forget the encouragement and the applause of my classmates and friends in the harmonious learning environment that is No. 14. It is at No. 14 that I have gained confidence as well as courage. As the future and university life begins, I look forward to its challenges with thanks to my alma mater, No. 14, its teachers, and my classmates at No. 14 for the past three years. My life and experience at No. 14 shall always be most valuable memories of my life.