My name is Ge Yuan. I am a member of Senior II Class 4 and a squad leader. I am a serious and responsible worker in the class. I enjoy helping others and wish to serve as an example for my classmates to follow.

I have a wide range of interests, such as photography, soccer, painting, computer hardware and software. I also collect military models and vehicles.Since childhood, I have had a very strong spirit of exploration. I remember the day, when a technician came to my home to repair the family computer. When I discovered that the computer contained numerous components and hardware, I developed an interest in constructing my own. I had a keen interest in learning about and developing these machines. I began to build my own. After assembling my second and third computers, family, friends, and classmates often asked me to help me with theirs. I also experimented with computer modeling and simulation and built my own virtual “Computer City.” I also conducted computer "chassis mainstream cooling duct optimization studies" during my 2008 academic year. This research study won first place in the Sailing Cup competition in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. It earned the first prize in the game research study and second prize in the Zhejiang province in April this year.

Photography is also one of my hobbies. In my free time, I like to remove the back of the camera on the Kang Shang tripod and explore the feeling of light and shadow. Through the lens in this way, I have come to know a completely new world. I have also used the camera to record bits and pieces of life and become the class photographer. In this role, I have photographed the activities of my class. My photographs have appeared in the school newspaper as well as the school network and Shanggong. In the future, my life will be better because of my experiences at No. 14 as I seek to explore and create a better tomorrow.