Hello, my name is Jin Yulin from Class 9, senior 1. I’m magnanimous, brave, smart and never afraid of setbacks. I always seek success, confidence and delight. I believe I should care about the whole world, not only myself. Helping others is my duty.

21st century is globalized and full of hope and challenge. I’m determined to be a globalized talent, who can be admitted everywhere.

I was recommended to No.14 Middle School about one year ago, which was my best choice. I have made some progress in the three months.

I’m amiable, open and clear. I’m also easy to adapt myself to circumstances. I like to be busy working hard to achieve my goal instead of boredom. I’m interested in a lot of things, especially traveling. I enjoy the different scenery and atmosphere. I used to learn karate.

Studying isn’t easy, but it can be fun. It is an important way to achieve our dream. Actually, Success is pluralism, achieving a good result in study and entering a key university are not the only purpose. When I was the school-sponsored student, I got the third of final exam in our grade. I also got the ‘Fengfan’ scholarship. I was school ‘studying star’ and ‘ civilization star’

I’m holding the position of monitor in my class now. I get along well with my classmates. I’m also the chief in charge of entertainment and PE in the Student's Union . We design many interesting activities for all of the students.

I keep a balance between studying and activities. I’m full of power everyday. I know when we try our best to do everything, we can accomplish more things.

In my spare time I take part in a lot of activities. For example, the students’ reporter summer camp, spare-time Party School . I have been to Singapore . I visited Crescent Girls' School and stayed in the student’s home. She and I are good friends now. Im lucky that I had a chance to be a member of Hangzhou outstanding volunteers.

Awards: the second prize in the 22nd Hangzhou Adolescents Science and Technology Innovation Contest,

The bronze medal in the China 2nd ‘Bing xin’ composition competition

The first prize in the Hangzhou composition competition

Designation of Hangzhou environmental student

I’ll do my best to be the best I can be.