In order to enrich the extracurricular time of our students and harness their creativity and intellectual curiosity, a Model Race Car Club was established in early 2000 with the active support of the school administration and enthusiastic student participation. Since its founding, students from Hangzhou No.14 Middle School have entered and won a number of municipal, regional, and national contests. From 2000 to 2004, students from our school took the first eight(8) places in the national competition: one(1) gold, three(3) silver, and three(3) bronze medals in addition to the group first prize in municipal and provincial contests. These achievements have made Hangzhou No.14 Middle School well known on both the provincial and national level. These avocational activities have engendered athletic and modeling skills in many of our students.
If a student seeks to do well in these contests, he or she must possess physical dexterity, coordination. The importance of teamwork as well as the ability to remain calm under the stress of competition are also important. Competition tests a participant’s endurance and ability to adapt to changing conditions. Model race car competition represents a metaphor for and preparation for the future academic and professional life of our students without the attendant risks and dangers. Our models are smaller versions of real vehicles in active competition at tracks throughout Europe and Asia. While race car fans have no opportunity to touch these real vehicles, our students design, build, modify and upgrade their models. Their models are more beautiful and more valuable to our students than for their real-life counterparts.