English language instruction is one of two (2) major educational initiatives at No. 14 Middle School. Our demanding academic instructional program is supplemented by one of our more popular clubs, the “English Language Club.” “Come on, English Club!”---- is the motto of its fifty (50) members of the CEC, our largest club.

As students participate in the Club, their understanding of idiomatic and informal English improves. Discussions range from popular culture to American and British movie stars. Our foreign teachers are particularly active in the Club helping our students learn what is not found in the textbooks. The students learn from them and from each other.

CEC is well known for its parties. On special days, parties are held. Of which the Christmas Party is the most memorable. In 2003, John, the foreign expert teacher from America became a Santa Claus. He wore what Santa Claus usually wears, and brought gifts for us, play with us. Members of the club sang and danced together as we celebrated this most English of holidays.

It is also very important to understand more west civilization. So we learn the customs of west countries. And we cooked western food by ourselves with John’s help twice.

In word, I’d like to say:” Enjoy the club, enjoy the life!”

CEC Party.
Foreign Teacher
Playing Game